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Helium 10 coupon code 2024 50% discount

Are you looking for a valid Helium 10 coupon? Well, your search is over now because we have not one but two 100% working Helium 10 coupons. In this post, I’ll introduce you to the Helium 10 coupon with all the details about the two working coupons and how you can easily redeem them. Also, I’ll explain the prices for Helium 10 so that you can make your decision easier.

Available Helium 10 Coupon Codes 2024




Use this exclusive 50% Helium 10 discount coupon now and get 50% off your first month.

-10% Lifetime Discount

-10% Lifetime Discount

Use this exclusive 10% Helium 10 discount coupon now and get 10% off every month.

As I mentioned before, I have two working coupons for Helium 10. I can tell you that it was not easy to find working coupons on the internet. But our friends at amz-success.de provided us with their exclusive coupons.

Coupon 1

This coupon code is my favorite because with it, you get the maximum discount of 50% on the first month of Helium 10. Just use the coupon code AMZS50. With this offer, you only get a one-time discount. So if you plan to use Helium 10 only for a short time, you should use this code.
Coupon 2
This coupon AMZS10 is the best in the long run because it offers you 10% off on all Helium 10 plans every month, and this is a lifetime coupon. This offer is interesting for all Amazon sellers who want to use this tool for a long time. These coupons are valid from now on. So use them before they expire. I will update here if they stop working.



Before I explain in detail how to redeem Helium 10 coupon, let me tell you why you should use Helium 10 coupon. This tool is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers and has many features that are suitable for beginners. You can save a lot of money with these coupons, so you should definitely use them before you buy. Follow the given steps in the same order to complete your purchase without any problems.

Step 1
I have created a special discount link which will take you directly to the official website of Helium 10. Click on the pricing section to see all the plans for Helium 10. Once you click on the link, the next screen will look something like this.

Now you need to click on the „GET STARTED TODAY“ button. See the screenshot below:
Step 2

There are 4 plans available in the „Pricing“ section. 1 plan is free and the other 3 are paid, so choose one of the paid plans. We recommend the most popular „Platinum Plan“ from Helium 10. Enter your desired coupon here (AMZS50 or AMZS10)

As you can see, the discount has been applied directly. Click on the „Buy Now“ button to go to the next screen.

Step 3
Now you need to create an account with Helium 10. If you already have an account with Helium 10, use it. To create an account, you need to enter your personal data. Here you will also see the confirmation that your voucher has been activated. The screenshot below illustrates this.
Step 4
In the last step, you will enter your card details to finally purchase a plan with a voucher at Helium 10. If you have followed all the steps, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you used to create your account at Helium 10. Now you can use Helium 10 to grow your FBA business.



In the section above, I mentioned that Helium 10 offers 5 different plans. One plan is free and has no validity, and there are 4 paid plans. Now I will discuss the 4 paid plans in detail so that you can make your decision. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Starter Plan
The monthly version of the starter plan costs $39/month, while the annual version costs $339/year. With the annual plan, you get 3 months discount on all plans. This plan is good for Amazon newbies. It gives you access to Helium 10’s most popular tool, which is the X-ray. You also get access to a limited number of Helium 10 and Helium 10 training course Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Tools.
2. Platinum Plan
The monthly version of the Platinum plan costs $99/month, while the annual version costs $999/year. With this plan, you can grow your FBA business. This is because it gives you access to tools like index checker, keyword tracker, ASIN alerts, up to 2000 follow up emails and so on. Plus, you get all the features of the Starter plan.
3. Diamond Plan
The monthly version of the Diamond Plan costs $249/month, while the annual version costs $2499/year. If you’re an experienced Amazon seller looking for a tool with advanced features, this plan is for you. With this plan, you get access to adtomic where you can spend up to $20k/month on ads, multi-user login, unlimited access to Walmart marketplace tools and so on. This plan also offers all the features of the Platinum plan.
4. Elite plan
The monthly version of the Elite plan costs $399/month. If you have a big FBA business and are looking for a plan where you can handle everything yourself, then choose this plan. With this plan, you get access to the private Facebook group, live training with experts, and quarterly workshops. Also, in this plan you will get all the features of the Diamond plan.



That’s all I wanted to tell you about the Helium 10 coupon. There are two coupons that give you 50% off the first month or 10% off each month. Personally, I really liked Helium 10 because this tool helped me grow my own FBA business.


Does Helium 10 offer a free trial?

If you are looking for a free trial, you will be disappointed because Helium 10 does not offer a free trial to its users.

What is Helium 10’s refund policy?

Helium 10 offers its new users a 30-day money back guarantee. You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and get your money back, no questions asked.

What can the Black Box tool do?

Helium 10’s Black Box Tool helps you find the right products for your niche.

Are there any working Helium 10 coupon codes?

Yes, two working Helium 10 coupon codes will help you to get 50% off on Helium 10 plans. Please check our available Helium 10 coupons for all working Helium 10 discounts and coupon codes.

What are the best alternatives to Helium 10?

We have already compiled a list of the best Helium 10 alternatives. These include Helium 10’s direct competitors – Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, AMZ Scout, etc.

What is the maximum discount with our Helium 10 discount codes?

With our working Helium 10 discount codes, you can easily save up to 50% off on monthly and yearly plans. Use our exclusive link to activate the discount offer instantly.